The Residium – Road to Rome

I am pleased to confirm that publishing house, Bonfirraro, located in the beautiful hilltop town of Barrafranca, Enna, Sicily, Italy is now looking after The Residium – Road to Rome throughout the world, except Ireland, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Bonfirraro will shortly re-release revised editions of the English language version of The Residium in e-book and print on demand formats and in the last quarter of 2017, Italian language versions in e-book and print editions.

To order a copy of The Residium, if you live in Ireland, New Zealand or the UK please email me directly at

To order a copy of The Residium if you live in Europe, the USA and elsewhere in the world please contact Bonfirraro at: or Or you will find it on all online bookstores in the world.

The Residium is planned as a series of four books. The Residium – Sanctuary is currently in progress. “Residium” means the remainder- what is left over of our humanity and our world.

“We did not spark this fire, but are immersed in its flames. We are the raging heat. We are the blinding light. Today is fire, but tomorrow is ashes. When the crescent of fire rises in the sky, we will be at the beginning of the end.”


The year is 2068. A mysterious leader, Arif arises amongst the stateless peoples of the Mediterranean and leads a stealth invasion of Southern Italy. U.S. Ranger Staff Sgt. Jeb Montalto and his unit are sent to Calabria, Italy to assist WorldAlliance247 forces in turning back the powerful group of invaders who number in the millions. What starts out as a routine mission for Jeb and his Rangers turns to frustration and ultimately a world of unimaginable nightmare, as Arif’s army – seemingly under supernatural influence- advances north as an unstoppable force.

The Residium – Road to Rome is a dystopian action adventure remarkably close to the bone as the world faces the massive dual challenge of retaining our distinctive cultures and humanity in the face of unprecedented economic, political, and religious upheaval.

John E Dennett