The Residium – Road to Rome: Publication Update

This week I received feedback from the New York Literary Agent, which on the whole was positive and encouraging-some of the good bits:

“…you have strong characters.”

“I think Jeb is a great protagonist because he’s relatable…has just the right amount of skills and intelligence to make him a fascinating leading man, but is also tempered by flaws and a sensitive side. His journey with Alexander especially brought out both his heroic skills and his compassion, and I found that to really make him shine as a well-rounded character.”

“Arif was also a fascinating character because there’s something chilling about him, yet you do a good job of injecting him with a kind of mystical charisma that would inspire millions of followers…”.

“The scene in the crypt was such a vibrant and gruesome image to leave with your readers…”

I have some rewriting to do, mostly adding rather than subtracting which I plan to do over the next two months and then publish, end March at the latest. In the interim here is the setting for the story.