As well as being the home town of Tony Soprano, psychiatrist’s great grandfather, key parts of story of The Residium – Road to Rome take place in Melfi, Basilicata, Italy. Melfi is almost 1000 years old and the site of the first Norman castle in Italy. From Melfi, William I of Hauteville started his conquest of The South, leading to the creation of the Kingdom of Sicily.

This morning I had a pleasant meeting with Councillor Vincenzo Fundone- responsible for culture in the City of Melfi- and his interpreter.

I gave him a copy of The Residium – Road to Rome. He gave me Italian books on the history of Melfi in return- which will require me to upskill my Italian more than a notch – and gave me a private tour of the Museum.

He kindly offered Melfi Castle as the venue to launch the Italian language version of The Residium – Road to Rome, when it is ready. I now just need to find my Italian publisher!                                                                                                                                                                            JDImageImage 2.jpg

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