“An original & engaging story…the heart of the novel is its adrenaline pumping action & human drama. Characters are tightly drawn & believable — real. A compelling read.”

IMG_1479Another good review…”Slowly, but surely,” said the tortoise to the hare…or the crow.


By Robert Krueger

“War of a different kind, peace of another kind.

The year is 2068, danger and fear reign as a priest realizes the time to leave has come, announced by a murder of crows. Thousands of refugees are heading toward the abbey (populated by children); but this group of refugees is only the tip of the iceberg. There are millions of invaders to Southern Italy. They are led by Arif, a charismatic, transcendental leader.

Airborne rangers are tasked with a complex reconnaissance mission to ascertain the status of the “enemy.” This will not be like any other recon mission. Ultimately, it becomes much more. Choices have to be made, ones that most likely will not be liked by their superiors. All the skill and resolve of the Rangers and their leader will come into play.

This is an original and engaging story made more interesting by the fact that Europe has now been “invaded” by thousands of refugees.

There is a taste of the philosophical and the surreal. But the heart of the novel is its adrenaline pumping action and human drama. Characters are tightly drawn and believable — real. A compelling read: conflicting ideologies, action, and chaos. Reviewed by the author of The Children’s Story, About Good and Evil.”