John Dennett: the first English speaking author of the publishing house Bonfirraro

Music, history and writing: all the imagination of the New Zealand writer


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“I’m usually a happy person, but when the blues come I try to follow the advice of the good old songs, completely immersing myself in the music until it passes, rather than resist it!”

John Dennett, born in New Zealand, is a cosmopolitan writer with so many things to tell, and an educated and rich imagination on which his first novel feeds.

He becomes part of the great “cultural workshop” of Italian publisher Bonfirraro, in order to see a new, long-awaited publication, scheduled for next Christmas. The story deals with highly topical issue “war of religion” and already promises to be talked about for a long time.

After traveling for many years and practising the lawyer profession in Edinburgh and Abu Dhabi, Dennett has permanently moved to Kirkcaldy in Scotland, an ancient stone city by the sea on the famous Firth of Forth. This is where he lives with his wife Simone, her three children Isabella, Gabrielle and Morgan with which often likes to follow the games of his rugby teams. It is here that he delights in the kitchen – a preference, needless to say, for the food and Italian wine – and this is where cultivates his greatest passions, music (blues and rock often inspire) to archeology.

The great ruins of the ancient city of Rome have helped to create in him a literary universe complex and sophisticated, which has found a place in his new novel. “Sometimes it is difficult – admits the writer – but it is gratifying to get ideas seemingly coming from nowhere and transpose them in paper form: that’s how the characters of my imagination come to life”.

“With John it was immediate agreement! I believe in his book for the originality used in the story and its topical nature” said publisher Bonfirraro, international literary talent scout, “With him we inaugurate the opening to the Anglo-Saxon world, laying the foundations to consolidate the international vocation of our publishing house. There are indispensable, universally recognized values that go beyond the borders of peoples and nations. We seek these strenuously”!

“I think it was fate to let me meet an influential Italian publisher, the first among many to have expressed an interest and see the merit in my novel – said the writer – I was in Sicily twice and my story is largely set in the south of the peninsula. I hope Italian readers can appreciate it”!

There is a contagious enthusiasm to hear more, but when you ask for a preview there is a little resistance. “For now no spoilers – declares the author – I can only say that I often find myself thinking about the most important questions, why we are here, in this world, what is beyond, the uselessness of many things and our inhumanity to others, our unnatural selfishness and evil characteristics leading us towards destruction. The events in Syria have led me to make a serious reflection on the complexity of reality and I began to write feverishly. For me tell stories in a simple and accessible language to all kinds of readers has become, perhaps, a justification, the way I can help people to express what they think and maybe help change our ways a little … I don’t know! It is at least for me certainly good therapy”!

John, do you like Italy?

He smiles, “I love her!”



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